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Customized mini pc included industrial pc, htpc and thin client
Mini-itx motherboard, dom, ssd, pc chassis and power supply
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PC chassis Model: A02

A02 MINI-ITX Chassis Series Case

Key Specifications/Special Features: Model No.: A02
Case dimensions(mm): 225x200x56/80
A02-H56 (height 56mm, standard model)
A02-H70 (height 70mm)
A02-H80 (height 80mm, support DVD bay)
Color: gray, black, white or other
Main board size(mm): 170x170
All aluminum material with EMI approval

Front port: 2*USB,1*POWER_SW,1*MIC,1*SPK
Application: HTPC
A02 spec

Alumium Alloy
Surface Treatment
Sandblasting Oxidation
Red, Black, Silver
Each in paper box, Five boxes per carton
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Radiator Height (H56)
1 M/B Radiator Height Under 20mm, Install 1*3.5" HDD or 2*2.5" HDD
2 M/B Radiator Height Under 32mm, Install 2*2.5" HDD
Radiator Height (H70)
1 M/B Radiator Height Under 34mm , Install 1*3.5"HDD or 2*2.5 "HDD
2 M/B Radiator Height Under 46mm , Install 2*2.5" HDD
Radiator Height (H80)
1 M/B Radiator Height Under 24mm ,Install 1 Slim ODD, 1*3.5" HDD or 1*2.5" HDD
2 M/B Radiator Height Under 29mm ,Install 1 Slim ODD, 1* thin 3.5" HDD or 1*2.5" HDD
3 Without CD-ROM, Install 1*3.5" HDD or 2*2.5" HDD
DVD 0/1
Audio Output /Microphone Input
USB 2.0/3.0
2*USB 2.0 or 1*USB 2.0 and 1*USB 3.0(option)
2.5 Inches HDD
3.5 Inches HDD
Motherboard support
170*170mm Mini ITX Motherboard
Power Supply
DC-ATX or DC Power Module/DC onboard/12V 5A Power Adapter
I/O Shield
1, 158*45mm
Packaging Each in paper box
Size W255*D150*H270MM
Five boxes per carton
1, 5010/6010 Fan

Packaging Information
Packaging Detail: Each one in a paper box, 5 paper boxes per carton
Each in paper box (neutral)
Five boxes per carton (neutral)
Size: W255*D150*H270
Size: NA

A02-H56 show


A02-H70 show

A02-H80 show

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