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-->> VFD front panel <<--

Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VACUUM FLUORESCENT DISPLAY) is developed from a vacuum tube display device, the cathode by the launch of the electronic (direct thermal, collectively referred to filament) and speed up the gate control of electron flow, will be printed on glass substrate electrode and fluorescence powder and the anode grid and the glass cover pose. It impacts the use of electronic phosphor, so that light-emitting phosphor is a self-luminous display. Because it can do more than color display, high brightness and low voltage can be used to drive and easy with the integrated circuit package, which is widely used in household appliances, office automation equipment, industrial instrumentation and automotive and other industries.











VFD in accordance with the general structure can be divided into 2 tubes and 3 two diode; according to display content can be divided into: figures show that the characters show patterns showed that dot-matrix display; under the drive can be divided into: static-driven (DC) and Dynamic Drive (pulse). Shows the form of a little light-emitting pattern and fixed graphics, text blocks. Because it can do more than color display, high brightness and low voltage can be used to drive and easy with the integrated circuit package, which is widely used in household appliances, office automation equipment, industrial instrumentation and automotive and other industries. In the speaker panel is mainly used to show the level of state regulation of the volume shows the strength of the voice signal level.

Information appliances will be used with most DVD players (such as VCD / DVD) of the VFD display similar, in general, the design of the screen, but also integration of key operations (commonly known as the operation panel), even the remote control to operate the remote control button operation and other functions, these features generally integrated in a circuit board (PCB), the simply referred to as pre-board (front panel).

I can offer customer-designed front panel VFD, corresponding remote control, remote control keyboard. VFD screen, I can offer a wide range of imported and domestically produced quality products and reliable support, as a general selection of remote control R4, R8, R9 and R10 and other products, remote control button is selected K3, please see the relevant page.

Right is a common type VFD screen several fields, in general, need to display a variety of electrical and display the contents of the style is different, so VFD that are customized to customer requirements. This custom electrical equipment need to take into account the need to show which state the amount to be shown what kind of, what color, how the entire display area, VFD screen side of the pin a single home or at home on both sides and so on.

Field-type VFD screen is relatively simple, relatively cheap price, you can design a variety of colorful graphic symbols, but this design once set to open after the mode of production, display information on the relative change, not to change. As a result more suitable for mature conventional household electrical appliances, such as VCD, DVD. However, for some of the more cutting-edge products, product research and development in a constant updating of Health level, the typical information appliances, some products, the core of the entire software product, sometimes the software functional response to the software interface and then react to the VFD display to be more than a symbol or logo displayed on the VFD screen type field must be re-opening mode, the cost is relatively high, relatively long processing cycle can not meet the requirements. This can be considered when dot-matrix VFD screen, on the greatly increased flexibility. Dot Matrix VFD common specifications are 128 * 40,160 * 64 and so on, need to show more flexibility on the contents of the.






The photo shows a belt of the fields in the font display screen (the dark night is take pictures). There are two features, first is the chinese "ė"can display fonts of numbers and letters, and the second is a screen display with a wide range of colors, such as red, green, blue and yellow and so on. In general, the display content to consider the following: a variety of working conditions such as Play / Record, etc.; volume display; a number of figures such as music; six figures show that when the minutes and seconds; key word if the meter can display letters and other symbols, further enrich the content. Can be seen that seven figures is a more common choice.

The photo shows a band of nine field-shaped display screen. There are two features, first is the meter can display fonts of numbers and letters, up to 9; the second is a screen display with a variety of colors; the third is new information for some types of equipment specially designed home appliances.


Dot-matrix display is calculated by pixel, each pixel can be arbitrarily controlled, so that it can display more content-rich, such as symbols, numbers, letters, characters or pictures, etc., often display a very high specification, such as 112x16, 140x16, 128x32, 160x32, 140x32, 128x64, 256x64 and so on, can display the contents of products have to be the number, select the size of screen. The chart below is a picture 140x32 dot matrix display (real pictures).

Usually consider a screen, need to look at the following aspects: the external dimensions, display area size, display, drive interface. VFD front of a board is concerned, usually the following aspects of the interface:
1, Power: 4PIN or 2PIN, the general power to +5 VDC;
2, power switch: Power button, 2PIN;
3, the power indicator light: LED light, 2PIN;
4, serial port (RS232): the host through a variety of serial VFD display status updates;
5, USB interface: VFD support for remote control and remote control keyboard access to the host through the USB interface.

For the serial port and USB interface, there is a mutual relationship between the alternative, a remote control and remote control keyboard can also be a signal input through the serial port to the host, the other hand, USB is a two-way, the host signal can also be output through the USB interface VFD display status updates. Customers can choose according to need or require two types of interfaces.

The next photo shows a typical dot-matrix VFD screen size map, dot-matrix pixels 80x16, can show two lines of 16x16 characters, 5 characters per line.




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