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Code-based remote control

Supporting remote control code specifically for set-top boxes

Newly developed products, the core technology of our company has accumulated years of code universal remote control program for the hotel project began in May 2003, has become a very mature and reliable products, the majority of set-top box solution provider set-top box manufacturers. Hotelsideal choice for the project system integrator and hotel owners.

A hotel clients customized R10 44-key remote control as an example to illustrate the customer need only control rooms at the same time using a remote control TV and set-top boxes.

Customer requirements embodied in the following three points:

1,Control both the TV and set-top boxes, get rid of the the cumbersome multiple modes of learning remote switching function (IV species for home, poor flexibility), remote seamless integration of two devices in a remote control;

2,Universal remote code type program, abandon the cumbersome learning remote wave line acquisition, directly to the precise control of the code stored in the remote control chip, replace the battery nor lost control code;

3,Universal remote control code type program can be rewritten by the user code (including the set-top box manufacturers and end-users), easy target market (for example, a hotel hundreds of TV) to invest in different TV batches.

Specific control functions are described below according to customer requirements(Remote control chip by our company are fully customized according to customer requirements):

Keys are divided into the following categories:

1,TV (TV) single-function keys: no matter what state always control your TV, mute / switch / cycle / timer / display / Organizer / PC / programs / programs - / Volume + / Volume - / menuand other key;

2,VOD (STB) single-function keys: no matter what state, always control the set-top box, have a return / stop / play / pause key;

3,TV / VOD (TV / Set-top Box) Multiplexed keys: the same key, in the TV mode issued by the TV remote control commands issued in the VOD mode set-top box remote control commands specific what type of code depends on the current mode Choose state.

4,TV mode selection key: enter the TV mode, after the multiplex key to achieve the function of the TV, if necessary, issue TV / AV remote control instructions.

5,VOD mode selection key: enter the VOD mode, after the multiplex key to achieve the function of the DVD, if necessary, issue TV / AV remote control instructions.

6,Special keys AV / TV: This key, sometimes referred to as a video key, is used by almost all TV sets to enable the selection of TV multi-program sources such as TV (receiving TV channels, radio frequency RF sources) .AV1 / AV2 / AV3 (receiving signals from VCD / DVD / STB and other devices through AV / Audio / Video terminal) and S-Video.YUV.RGB input mode. The function of this key is multi-program source selection.

Obviously, when the user operates the TV multiplex button to set the TV state, the television display should be synchronized with the TV channel. That is, it works on receiving an I channel and displays the TV program on the television. On the contrary, In the operating set-top box re-use key set to VOD state, then the TV display should also be synchronized with that work in the set-top box and the TV connected AV program source, the TV shows VOD content screen.

In other words, if the TV is watching a channel I TV programs, this time to switch to VOD state, then at least need to do two things, the first is sent to the TV AV / TV switch remote control commands, the TV screen display VOD screen; the second is, to some TV / VOD multiplexing key VOD state, you must click on the VOD mode selection key, so sometimes two mode selection keys can also be set to achieve the choice of state switch At the same time, TV / AV remote control instructions (Auxiliary function, Second function) of the TV are also issued. If the VOD then AV2, then from the TV into the VOD, click the VOD switch to select AV1, then press the VOD switch to select AV2, you can achieve the goal. (At this time, press the TV switch button can also select AV1, then select AV2, but the multiplex button is also set to TV select the state, and vice versa).

Now some relatively new high-end TV, you can have a lot of program input options, such as AV1 \ AV2 \ AV3 \ AV4 \ S-Video \ YUV \ RGB and so on, this time if you still let the TV and VOD mode selection button and AV / TV switch, in the control of VOD play Press the like key at the same time, if you want to see if an I TV program started, you can press the TV select button repeatedly to bring up the TV screen, and then watch the channel by watching some of the programs. Some TV such as Haier has an Input function key, press Input, the screen immediately shows all the sources, by up and down the left and right keys to select, more convenient, this TV's AV / TV function is still retained.
Sometimes you want to achieve the mode selection key without changing the TV screen, do not let the AV / TV function interfere with TV and VOD mode selection, you can set the code in the remote control II AV / TV button (video button), R10 remote control This is done, especially with the yellow key logo, this button to the left of the TV select button (green), the right VOD select button (blue), it is very convenient to use.

The following are the few available code-type remote control (R10 is the latest version, listed in October 2005):

R8 code-based remote control R9 code-based remote control R10 code-based remote control
代码型遥控器 代码型遥控器 代码型遥控器


Order process:
1. customers provide TV and set-top box remote control sample I only;
2. Our company reads out the corresponding remote control code (our company standard UIR48) according to the two remote control samples, and selects the commonly used keys to issue the code type remote control function confirmation (this confirmation shows that the code type remote control every I The function of a key is the TV key .VOD key or multiplex key), customer approval signed signature back;
3. Our company produces code-type remote control samples according to the function confirmation, for customers' actual operating experience, to confirm whether to meet the requirements;
4. After confirming the sample, the customer will submit the confirmation document for the mass production of the sample according to the approval, which can be mass-produced by our company.
5. At the same time to do functional samples, the need to design the remote control surface paste (PVC), customers need to give every I a key layout and LOGO, our company 1-3 working days given the design draft, after confirmation processing PVC ;
6. Some customers need to change the text on the rubber buttons symbols (silk screen), you need more than 1k quantitative.

Order cycle description:
1. After receiving the TV and set-top box remote control sample confirmation does not exceed two working days, confirm the function confirmation to produce samples no more than two working days, such work completed the fastest day; samples can be approved Immediate mass production, within 2k fastest completion of 1-2 working days (slightly more than ordinary remote control production I);
2. If the customer needs to customize the remote control surface paste (PVC), the processing cycle is 2 weeks;
3. If the customer needs custom rubber keys on the remote control text symbols, the production cycle of 3 weeks;

Related reference materials:

1. Code remote control function confirmation example: R10 as an example to explain in detail;
2. Code remote control code to change the program: to R10 as an example to explain in detail.

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