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I.The characteristics of air-conditioning remote control

Air conditioner remote control and other home appliances are very different, not only in the remote control air-conditioning are the work of the state of liquid crystal display, but from the point of view of control technology has the following characteristics:

1, remote control air-conditioning can save the current state of work, including working mode (automatic, cooling, ventilation, humidification, heating), temperature (air-conditioned home in general from 16 degrees to 30 degrees), air volume (high, medium, low), timing and so on. Air conditioning remote control button is small, but with a key work in different conditions will produce different code, the general from the LCD screen on the remote control can be seen that the current working state, but generally do not have their own air-conditioner with LCD screen display the work of state, the corresponding working conditions are recorded in the remote control, every press of a button, as long as the air conditioner to receive, and will be in accordance with the remote control to set the parameters to update the status of a variety of work;

2, air-conditioning with a remote control button in different states have different codes, so the correct use of computer-controlled air conditioner, it is necessary to analyze a string of air-conditioning remote control code issued by the meaning, which is a multi-coding combination of parameters, users need to analyze what made clear the need to meet the needs of the remote control code to work state;

3, is also due to the reasons mentioned earlier, air-conditioning remote control code is very long, is the general recorder, VCD remote control code, such as several times the length of many air-conditioning remote control in the code length of more than 100.

II.The main air-conditioning brand

At present, the domestic market in the following major brands of air conditioners, recommended:
Chunlan, the United States, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric, Haier, Gree, Kelon, Panasonic, Hitachi, Warburg, LG Valin, Daikin, Toshiba and so on.
10 air-conditioned bridge the basic keys: switch, automatic, refrigeration, heating, high-speed, low speed, wind direction, timing, add, subtract, similar to other brands.

III.Air-conditioning products that interface mode controller

At present our company to provide air-conditioning control products have the following three ways:

First, the controller: the appearance of reading and see appliances controllers, to provide dedicated +5 V power adapter, DB9 serial interface; can also offer USB interface forms, the need for external power supply, but in order to facilitate the client's programming, even if provide USB interface, USB drivers can be a virtual serial port (COM1/2/3/4, etc.), so one has a serial port and general convenience of home control. The largest number of control channel 8. USB interface controller currently do not have time code function.

It should be noted that the use of a direct serial port, it can be embedded with a wide range of systems, including even a simple integrated single-chip microcomputer system, but the use of USB interfaces, are currently only available under Windows98/2k/xp driver can not be for the linux environment, and other embedded project, unless the customer has the ability to write drivers.

Second, control card: the appearance of reading and appliances see control card, PCI slot power supply, to provide serial interface, use the method with an external controller, USB interface if you need to use an additional USB to COM converter completed the largest number of control channel 16.

Third, rack-mounted controller: by a single order, the internal control of the actual use of PCI cards, the card design on the model taking into account the two kinds of power: PCI power supply and external power supply terminal, it is very easy to place as a control panel standards in the 1U chassis.

The photo shows the network control system of air-conditioners, home appliances more output Control can also control multi-channel models of the same or different air-conditioning (such as the need to control the different air-conditioning, please express), in the scope of a radius of tens of meters RS232 control interface can be considered, such as the RS485 interface can be used to reach the 1200 meters range, in the use of TCP / IP network, there is no restriction on the scope, as long as the LAN / WAN can reach parts of the network-based control can be achieved.

IV.Products applications air conditioning controller

Integrated remote control air-conditioning and air-conditioning control panel technology, positioning in the use of computer-controlled air-conditioning, in particular, to support large-scale air-conditioning levels, and even control the air-conditioning through the network (RS232, RS485, CAN, TCP / IP-to-peer network), is widely used in airport , room engineering, inspection and monitoring works warehouse environment (such as grain, oil depots, arsenals, etc.), the realization of large-scale, network-based automatic control of air-conditioning.

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