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Fixed code remote control works

Fixed code remote control Universal remote control is the earliest, as the name implies, the control code can not be changed.In order to achieve the control of the various appliances, this remote has a ROM (read only memory), while storing the control code of the thousands of types of equipment, extensive collection of control of the market a variety of different types of appliancesclassification code, press TV.VCR.VCD / DVD.AUX encoding and storage.Before use, first select the type of control equipment, such as a TV or VCR, then each device (TV or VCR, etc.) the following specific there are many brands and models of equipment, each model of equipment will be assigned to a threenumber of the code, for example, a model of TCL TV assigned code 437, then the need to control the TCL this model in front of the TV, you need to press the TV, press SEL (select button), then and so enter the 3-digit code that is 437Thereafter, the keys of the remote control corresponding to the TV corresponds to the encoder for the encoding of 437 TCL TV.

The main drawback of this remote control is reflected in the fixed word, a comprehensive collection on the market a variety of different types of appliances is a very difficult task, and an endless stream of new equipment, so that the new device will appear difficulties. Like TV.DVD like device, manufacturers can design the encoding and decoding of the remote control transmitter and the receiving end, as long as can be matched with each other, which means that the transmitter encoded considerable flexibility, and even can be arbitrary, even if the remote control uses same encoding chip, the same client code, key distribution and use, but can be arbitrarily assigned, so the fixed code remote control I individual must be allocated under the code (Code). All these lead to such programs are less used.


Model Name Brand and specifications
RM-139C TV Universal remote control CHUNGHOP
RM-139G TV Universal remote control HEZHONG
RM-230I DVD Universal remote control CHUNGHOP
RM-203D TV/DVD Combined universal remote control CHUNGHOP
AC-K100 AC Universal remote control ZHONGXIN
AC-262IN1 AC Universal remote control ZHONGXIN

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