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Learning remote control works

The working principle of the learning remote control is to be read and to simulate a variety of different types of remote control buttons, which is directly on the original remote control infrared signal sampling storage, and then reproduce them according to certain rules, reached to replace the originalthe purpose of the various types of remote control, so called learning universal remote control.
Mainly used for the operation and control of household appliances, such as home placed on a variety of different types of remote control and TV. DVD. Amplifier. Senior phonograph remote control, with them in exchange for going veryinconvenient, you can use this learning remote the other commonly used remote control key focus on learning this on the remote control, do I only remote control in hand, you can control a variety of devices commonly used functional operation.

Model Name Description Pictures
L1 AV Learning remote control
(Common household type)

For home design, it is possible to control various types of electric appliances, usually AV class device, respectively:

TV, VCR, AUX1, AUX1, wherein AUX1 and AUX2 can also be used to control the VCD, DVD, etc., or even can all be used to control
Four different models of TV, just for the convenience of memory to make this distinction.
Now there is also the product of a wider range, TV, VCR, VCD, DVD, a CD, the SAT, AUX and so on.

In addition to learning the key, each key is learning, that is to say can be used to imitate other infrared remote control device.Operation, such as to control the volume of the TV, first press the TV button, press VOL + or VOL-button If this is placed in TV mode, you can not select the TV mode, press the TV button.

Features Overview: applicable to a variety of devices, multiple devices need to repeatedly switch, but the widespread applicability.

There are off-the-shelf products can be sold.

R12 STB Learning remote control
(Half Learning)

Home design, joined STB also control the TV and STB to STB different from ordinary TV like appliances, the manufacturers of the products operating style is quite different, this remote control for STB vendor-specific STBdesign, that is, TV key can be used to learn, adapt to each household a variety of different types of TV, STB key is fixed and can not be changed.

R12 remote right, for example, the key within the infrared region is designed as a TV set therein is used to match the the TV key code learning and memory, these keys only in the TV, while the area outsidethe key is effective only when the STB, so I to the user's operation when eliminating the the trouble mode switching TV and STB.It can be said that a more humane design.

Features Overview: STB design for a specified, taking into account the control of the TV, do not need multi-device mode switching key.

Need to press a single production, for the specified STB do OEM business.

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