Infrared remote control, wireless keyboard with trackball or touchpad
Customized mini pc included industrial pc, htpc and thin client
Mini-itx motherboard, dom, ssd, pc chassis and power supply
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Wireless Keyboard With Trackball K2


Cordless Mini Trackball Keyboard

1.RF and Bluetooth available
2.Unique hair line texture
3.Mini trackball offers smooth operation
4.Ideal receiver storage
5.Portable slim design allows to store inside your note book
6.Spill-safe keyboard to resist accidental spills
7.Fashion square key design

Wireless: 2.4Ghz/Bluetooth
Interface: USB 1.1
Trackball resolution: 1000dpi
Led: low battery & Pairing indicatior
Easykey: 11
Battery: 2xAA Alkaline cells

System Requirements: Windows XP,Vista, 7 etc.

Operating Temperature 0 ~ +40¡䞼br> Compatibility: IBM compatible PC,USB interface
Operating system: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7
WHQL approval Windows 7 32bit / 64bit
Certification: EMC,FCC,CE
Safety: CE/LVD
Other certificates ¨C if necessary

Note: EasyKey means dual funcation of Fn ket(F1-F12), operation by depressing Fn+Easykey

Mechanical Specification
* Dimensions: 266(L) x 127(W) x 9.8/15.7(H) mm
* Weight: 320g ( W/O Battery )
* Key no US(83 keys)£¬UK(84 keys)£¬JA(87 keys)£¬KR(83 keys)
* Key pitch 17.42mm 1*1 Key
* Keyboard Technology: Membrane
* Mouse Function: Patented mechanical trackball with 2 Buttons
* Color: Alternative
* Cable Length: Null
* Language: Alternative
* Switch Life: 5 million cycles 3~5 times/sec
* Switch Travel: Initial :1.70¡ᄚ.3mm, After 5 million cycles: 1.70¡ᄚ.5mm
* Keytop force 55gm +/-15gm
* Switch activation: mechanism,Membrane
* Printing: Silk printing

Mouse Specification
* Mouse function Pixart PAW3204DB optical sensor+2 Button
* Resolution 400CPI

Mouse Button specification
* Travel 0.25mm +/-0.10mm
* Force 180gm +/-10gm
* Switch activation, mechanism,Membrane + Plastic button
* Life 1 million cycles 3~5 times/sec
* Power button Slide Switch
* Print: Silk printing
* Life 1 million cycles 3~5 times/sec
* Power button Slide Switch
* Print Silk printing
* Paint Thickness : um Gloss :
* LED Color: Amber Indicator
When the voltage of the battery is lower than 2.2V, Amber led flashed at the time of key in.
Flash rate: 1 cycle per second. (Turn on time: 100ms). Continue for 20 seconds

Receiver Specification
Dongle Dimension 15 (L) 22.73 W) 7.6(H) mm
Weight 2.3g max.
Print Silk printing

RF Specification
Frequency 2.405~2475GHz
Deviation +/-160KHz
Modulation mode GFSK
Channel 71CH(2.405GHz~2.475GHz)
ID number 2^16 (65536)
Connect When keyboard ¡° Fn+Insert¡±key press.
Effective operating distance: 10Meters

Interference test: 802.11b/g/n , Bluetooth, Microwave oven, 2.4GHz cordless phone
Interface USB 1.1

Inner packing:
Dimensions: 426 x 150 x 25mm

Outer packing:

Fn Complex key function£º

(01) Fn+F1= Sleep
(02) Fn+F2= Play/Pause
(03)Fn+F3= Stop
(04) Fn+F4= Prev Track
(05) Fn+F5= Next Track
(06) Fn+F6=Media Player
(07) Fn+F7= E_Mail
(08)Fn+F8= Internet
(09) Fn+F9= Mute
(10) Fn+F10= Volume down
(11) Fn+F11= Volume up
(12) Fn+F12= Pause/Break

Fn Off Fn On
Right Right End
Up Up Page Up
Down Down Page Down
Left Left Home
Ins Ins Connect
Del Del Scr LK

Power Specification
Battery AAA * 2 , Alkaline cells
DC 3V , ¡ᄉ% Power supply Power consumption
Keyboard:<6mA Mouse:<10mA
Working current
<1mA Standby current
200 uA Sleep current
Low battery voltage 2.2V
Battery life 56 Days (keyboard:2 hour, mouse:2 hour per day)

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