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3.5" fanless embedded industrial PC Celeron 1007U 1037U i3 i5 i7 1*LAN 2*COM HDI VGA N61ECM

Model: N61ECM CPU 1007U,1037U,I3-4005U/6006U/7100U,I5-4200U/5250U,I7-7200U,1*LAN,2*COM,4*USB3.0,3*USB2.0,VGA,HDI,no WIFI,12V3A,210x150x45(Barebone)

Expansion Slot 1* Mini-PCIE,supports WIFI/3G module
Storage 1* 2.5" SATA
1* MSATA,supports SSD、WIFI
Network Integrated 1*Intel Gigabit LAN chip,Supports Wake-on-LAN
Front Panel Port
3* USB 2.0
1* POWER、RESET switch
Rear Panel Port
0* USB 2.0
4* USB 3.0
2* COM
1* HDI
1* VGA
1* LAN
1* MIC
1* SPK
1* DC_12V IN
2* WIFI antenna port
Cooling System 1* SYSFAN
Operating Temperature -0℃~50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
Operating Humidity 5%-95%(relative humidity; non-condensing)
Anti-vibration 5~400Hz/random operating
Form Factor 215*150*50mm (L*W*H/mm)
Power Input DC_12V single power input
Installation Desktop or wall mounting
Material and craft Sandblasting oxidation process (Black)
Form Factor Mini-ITX Form Factor
3.5" SBC 6 layers, pcb

Ordering Information:
Model: N61ECM-1007U,1*LAN,2*COM,4*USB3.0,3*USB2.0,
VGA,HDI,no WIFI,12V3A,210x150x45(Barebone)
Model: N61ECM-1037U,1*LAN,2*COM,4*USB3.0,3*USB2.0,
VGA,HDI,no WIFI,12V3A,210x150x45(Barebone)
Model: N61ECM-I34005U,1*LAN,2*COM,4*USB3.0,3*USB2.0,
VGA,HDI,no WIFI,12V3A,210x150x45(Barebone)
Model: N61ECM-I36006U,1*LAN,2*COM,4*USB3.0,3*USB2.0,
VGA,HDI,no WIFI,12V3A,210x150x45(Barebone)
Model: N61ECM-I37100U,1*LAN,2*COM,4*USB3.0,3*USB2.0,
VGA,HDI,no WIFI,12V3A,210x150x45(Barebone)
Model: N61ECM-I54200U,1*LAN,2*COM,4*USB3.0,3*USB2.0,
VGA,HDI,no WIFI,12V3A,210x150x45(Barebone)
Model: N61ECM-I55250U,1*LAN,2*COM,4*USB3.0,3*USB2.0,
VGA,HDI,no WIFI,12V3A,210x150x45(Barebone)
Model: N61ECM-I77200U,1*LAN,2*COM,4*USB3.0,3*USB2.0,
VGA,HDI,no WIFI,12V3A,210x150x45(Barebone)

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