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Intel Celeron 3855 Mini-ITX NAS Motherboard 10*SATA 4*LAN PCIe and ATX Power Supply

Intel Celeron 3855, 10*SATA,4*GLAN

NAS-C3855U is a multi-sata interface mini-itx network storage motherboard, onboard intel the sixth generation Celeron 3855U supports 4K. The NAS-C3855U supports up to 10 SATA3.0 hard drives. 4 intel gigabit network interfaces, widely used in network storage server NAS, soft routing, network security, private cloud storage, small business data storage, home downloader, HTPC HD living room computer, self-service device terminal, unattended equipment and other occasions!

Supports up to 10 SATA3.0 hard disk serial ports and supports software RAID disk arrays;
Supports up to 4 INTEL Gigabit LAN cards;
Standard MINI-ITX architecture, standard interfaces such as onboard PS2, HDI, USB3.0;
Support onboard Intel sixth generation / seventh generation (3855U/3865U) embedded low power processor, CPU
Integrated Intel HD Graphics with 4K resolution support;
Support DDR4 high speed and large capacity memory;
Onboard I2C slot for external device expansion;
Onboard PCIE X1 expansion interface for mounting multiple conversion cards and expansion devices;
Support watchdog, time switch machine, hardware power-on self-starting function, suitable for unattended equipment and occasions;
Support PXE diskless boot, Wake On Lan network wake up and other functions;
ATX power supply, with sufficient material, good stability, strong anti-interference, can be certified to ensure long-term stable operation of the product;
Support Windows 10, Window 8.1, Linux, Free NAS and other systems.

Motherboard parameters
CPU: Onboard Intel Celeron dual-core processor 3855U, clocked at 1.6G (can be customized sixth generation seventh generation U series I3, I5, I7 and other CPU)
Chipset: CPU integration
Display: CPU integrated graphics core HD510 Graphics
RAM: 1×SO-DIMMs, DDR4 Memory, Max.16GB
Network: 2 x Gigabit, Intel I211 NIC (4 for custom)
USB: 8×USB (rear 4USB, 2pcs USB3.0, front 4pcs USB, one of which is USB3.0 pin)
PCIe: 1*PCIe 1x
Disk interface: 6pcs SATA3.0 and 10pcs SATA3.0 optional
Display Video: HDI 1.4b maximum resolution 4096x2304@24hz
Back I/O
PS/2,2*USB2.0,2*USB3.0,1*HDI,2*RJ45,2*Jack,1*clear CMOS btm
Inter I/O
6*SATA3.0 or 10*SATA 3.0
2*10[in front panel
1*I2C,DOM/HDD power(1*4pin)
Ove heat LED (1*2pin)
1 hardware power-on automatic boot cap
Chassis anti-theft pin (1*2pin)
1*MSATA (switch with jumper for SATA1 interface, choose one)
1*COM port pin
1* front audio pin (2*5 pumping 8)
Powered by: 24pin ATX power connector
Factor: mini-itx, 17*17cm (thickness is about 36mm)
Heat dissipation: The motherboard comes with a CPU&Chipest heatsink and fan, and the fan speed is adjustable.

NAS server for Home and small and medium-sized enterprise
Data storage in demand with high capacity, reliability and efficiency
File sharing, data backup,and media server

Packing Details
Retail Pacakge: 1 Carton contain 20 pcs.
Retail Box Size:250*202*70MM Carton Size:725*419*269M

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