Infrared remote control, wireless keyboard with trackball or touchpad
Customized mini pc included industrial pc, htpc and thin client
Mini-itx motherboard, dom, ssd, pc chassis and power supply
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H66 Chipset LGA1155 socket MINI-ITX all-in-one Motherboard H66QM with HDI and VGA

Support: 2nd and 3rd generation i3-i5-i7 full range of notebook CPUs
1*SO-DIMM, onboard 2G memory optional
4*USB3.0, 6*USB2.0 4*USB3.0 (including pins)
Up to 6*RS232, of which 1 RS485 is optional
Dual gigabit network card optional
VGA&pin, HDI&pin, double eight LVDS
Rear audio + front audio + power amplifier + optical audio (Spdif)
MiniPCIE supports Wifi&3G/4G&GPS&Bluetooth
DC-12V power supply, ultra-thin radiator & fan

Recommended supporting CPU (both are dual-core 4 threads):
The second generation I3 2310M: dual-core 2.1G
I3 2310M 2.10G I3 2330M 2.20G
I3 2350M 2.30G I3 2348M 2.30G I3 2370M 2.40G
The second generation I5 2410M: dual-core 2.3G supports turbo frequency to 2.9G
2520M dual-core 2.5 supports turbo frequency to 3.2G

2540M dual-core 2.6 supports turbo frequency to 3.5G
2540M dual-core 2.7 supports turbo frequency to 3.6G
Second-generation I7 2640M: dual-core 2.8 supports turbo frequency to 3.5G
Three-generation I3 3110M: Dual-core 2.4G
Three-generation I5 3210M: dual-core 2.5G supports turbo frequency to 3.1G
3380M dual-core 2.9G supports turbo frequency to 3.6G
Three-generation I7 3540M: dual-core 3.0G supports turbo frequency to 3.7G

Core i3-2310M,i3-2350M,i5-2410M,i5-2520M,i5-2540M,i7-2640M
Core i3-3110M,i5-3210M,i5-3380M,i7-3540M

Supports 988B pin 2nd and 3rd generation notebook CPUs with fast running speed. Processor integrated display core and memory controller

HT65/HM70/HM76 high-speed chipset
System monitoring/watchdog
Supports CPU temperature detection, fan speed, and system temperature.
Support Watch Dog programming.

Display interface
Integrated HD Graphic display core, support dynamic memory allocation (DVMT), support VGA, HDI, LVDS. Built-in dual-channel 24bit LVDS pin header, support dual-screen display. The maximum video memory is 1000 MB.RAM
1* SO-DDR3 1333M memory, maximum support 8GB
Onboard 2G memory option

Network Interface
1*Realtec8111E Gigabit RJ45 interface (or dual Gigabit optional),
Support Wake on LAN.
audio port
Integrated Realtek ALC662 HD digital audio decoder
Support Line-out, MIC-in interface, equipped with front pin pins.

Onboard 5W power amplifier, external Spdif fiber output

Hard disk storage
1*SATA3.0 (blue), 1*SATA2.0 (black). 1xMSATA. The maximum transfer speed is 3.0 Gbps.
Expansion bus
2*MINI- PCIE expansion slot, support Bluetooth, WIFI, 3G, MSATAI/O expansion
8*USB2.0, 4*USB3.0. 6COM or 2COM, 1*RS485
Operating environment
Power supply: DC12V power supply Working temperature: -10~60 degrees
Relative humidity: 5%~95%, non-condensing.

AMI BIOS supports write protection. Power-on boot, timing boot, remote switch machine intelligent identification
operating system:
Windows XP, WINDOWS 7-32-bit, 64-bit.
Windows 8, Linux.
Mini-ITX frame, 170mm*170mm

Order Information
H66QM-i3-2310M,VGA+HDI,2*LVDS,,1/2*LAN,1*SATA3.0,1*SATA2.0,1*MSATA,1*MINI PCIe,4*USB3.0,6*USB2.0,2/6*RS232(1*RS485),12VDC
H66QM-i3-2350M,VGA+HDI,2*LVDS,,1/2*LAN,1*SATA3.0,1*SATA2.0,1*MSATA,1*MINI PCIe,4*USB3.0,6*USB2.0,2/6*RS232(1*RS485),12VDC
H66QM-i5-2410M,VGA+HDI,2*LVDS,,1/2*LAN,1*SATA3.0,1*SATA2.0,1*MSATA,1*MINI PCIe,4*USB3.0,6*USB2.0,2/6*RS232(1*RS485),12VDC
H66QM-i5-2520M,VGA+HDI,2*LVDS,,1/2*LAN,1*SATA3.0,1*SATA2.0,1*MSATA,1*MINI PCIe,4*USB3.0,6*USB2.0,2/6*RS232(1*RS485),12VDC
H66QM-i5-2540M,VGA+HDI,2*LVDS,,1/2*LAN,1*SATA3.0,1*SATA2.0,1*MSATA,1*MINI PCIe,4*USB3.0,6*USB2.0,2/6*RS232(1*RS485),12VDC
H66QM-i7-2640M,VGA+HDI,2*LVDS,,1/2*LAN,1*SATA3.0,1*SATA2.0,1*MSATA,1*MINI PCIe,4*USB3.0,6*USB2.0,2/6*RS232(1*RS485),12VDC
H66QM-i3-3110M,VGA+HDI,2*LVDS,,1/2*LAN,1*SATA3.0,1*SATA2.0,1*MSATA,1*MINI PCIe,4*USB3.0,6*USB2.0,2/6*RS232(1*RS485),12VDC
H66QM-i5-3210M,VGA+HDI,2*LVDS,,1/2*LAN,1*SATA3.0,1*SATA2.0,1*MSATA,1*MINI PCIe,4*USB3.0,6*USB2.0,2/6*RS232(1*RS485),12VDC
H66QM-i5-3380M,VGA+HDI,2*LVDS,,1/2*LAN,1*SATA3.0,1*SATA2.0,1*MSATA,1*MINI PCIe,4*USB3.0,6*USB2.0,2/6*RS232(1*RS485),12VDC
H66QM-i7-3540M,VGA+HDI,2*LVDS,,1/2*LAN,1*SATA3.0,1*SATA2.0,1*MSATA,1*MINI PCIe,4*USB3.0,6*USB2.0,2/6*RS232(1*RS485),12VDC

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