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Mini-itx motherboard, dom, ssd, pc chassis and power supply
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Intel Atom N455 D425 and D525 Mini-ITX Motherboard with 18bit LVDS and 2 COM PORTS

N455 D425 D525 VER:1.5A
Intel® Atom D525(1.80G dual core)
Intel® ICH8M Express chipset
1* DDR3 SODIMM memory slot,support 800MHz memory ,up to2GB
Provide 1*VGA ,1* support single18bit LVDS display output
Provide 1* RTL8105E Fast Ethernet ,support wake on LAN/PXE
2*RS232 serial port,COM2 support RS485/422,(optional)

Model No.N455HN,D425HN and D525HN Ver: 1.5A
Support Intel® Atom D525(1.80G dual core),D425(1.80G single core),N455(1.66G single core)Processor
Note:(For more details,please refer to the order information )
Adopt Intel® ICH8M Express chipset
Provide 1* DDR3 SODIMM memory slot,support 800MHz memory ,up to2GB
Integrated Intel® GMA3150 Graphics
Provide 1*VGA ,1* support single18bit LVDS display output
Note: M58 VER1.5A can support 2* VGA, and support24bit LVDS, Reserved to be customized
Provide 1* RTL8105E Fast Ethernet ,support wake on LAN/PXE,(Can support Gigabit Ethernet ,need to customize)
Provide 2* SATA2.0, the transfer rate up to3Gbps.
1* IDE HDD interface
Onboard ALC662 6-channel high fidelity audio controller, support MIC/Line-out
Expansion Slots
Provide 1* Mini-PCIE slot support WIFI/3G module
1* MSATA slot, support SSD ,the transfer rate up to 3Gbps
1* PCI slot.
Rear I/O
1* 12V DC JACK power input(D525HN-D12 power interface)
1* PS/2 KB/MS Connector
4* USB2.0
1* RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet connector
1* double standard audio interface ,support MIC,Line out
1* LPT
1* VGA
1* RS232 serial port , the 9th pin support 5V /12V charged function
Internal I/O
4* USB2.0
1* RS232 serial port the 9th pin support 5V/12V charged function,support RS485/422 (reserved optional)
1* Front panel audio connector 2*5pin
1* front panel function buttons and indicator connector 2*5pin
1*PS/2 KB/MS connector 1*6pin
1* JVGA1 2*5pin , the same signal withe VGA1
1* JVGA2,2*5pin JVGA2 and VGA1 can be use at the same time(reserved optional)
1* LVDS , 2*10pin support single channel 18Bit
1* LVDS Backlight power supply interface
2* PWROUT(HDD POWER supply Connector) (D525HN-D12 support the connector)
1* SIM card socket
1* ATX 20Pin power input(N455-A12,D425-A12 and D255-A12 power interface)
1*4 pin ATX power input(M58_D52 power interface)
FAN interface
1* 3pin CPU FAN interface,1*3pin system FAN interface
8Mb Flash ROM
Support hardware reset function (L256, 0~255 seconds)
Power input
DC 12V single power or 20Pin ATX power input
Operating Temp.
Storage Temp.
5%-95% (relative humidity; non-condensing)
170mm x 170mm

Market Segments Supported
Digital Security & Surveillance , Digital Signage ; Gaming ; Industrial Automation/Control ; Medical ; Retail (POS/Kiosk/ATM) ;In-Vehicle Infotainment ;Networking/Storage Server/Mail Server/Print Server ;Thin Client;Net top.

Ordering information (Ver 1.5A)
N455HN-A12 N455/1.66Ghz,SODDR3,1*VGA,1*18bitLVDS,1*LAN(8105E),ALC662,8*USB,2*COM,ATX
N455HN-D12 N455/1.66Ghz,SODDR3,1*VGA,1*18bitLVDS,1*LAN(8105E),ALC662,8*USB,2*COM,12VDC
D425HN-A12 N425/1.80Ghz,SODDR3,1*VGA,1*18bitLVDS,1*LAN(8105E),ALC662,8*USB,2*COM,ATX
D425HN-D12 N425/1.80Ghz,SODDR3,1*VGA,1*18bitLVDS,1*LAN(8105E),ALC662,8*USB,2*COM,12VDC
D525HN-A12 D525/1.80Ghz,SODDR3,1*VGA,1*18bitLVDS,1*LAN(8105E),ALC662,8*USB,2*COM,ATX
D525HN-D12 D525/1.80Ghz,SODDR3,1*VGA,1*18bitLVDS,1*LAN(8105E),ALC662,8*USB,2*COM,12VDC

Ordering information (Ver 1.6A)
D525HN-D16 D525/1.80Ghz,SODDR3,1*VGA,1*18bitLVDS,1*LAN(8105E),ALC662,8*USB,6*COM(COM2 for RS485/422),ATX
D525HN-D16 D525/1.80Ghz,SODDR3,1*VGA,1*18bitLVDS,1*LAN(8105E),ALC662,8*USB,6*COM(COM2 for RS485/422),12VDC

D525HN-D16V D525/1.80Ghz,SODDR3,2*VGA,1*18bitLVDS,1*LAN(8105E),ALC662,8*USB,6*COM(COM2 for RS485/422),12VDC

Packing Details
Retail Pacakge: 1 Carton contain 20 pcs.
Retail Box Size:250*202*70MM Carton Size:725*419*269MM

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