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Intel Celeron J1900 2.42Ghz Nano-ITX Motherboard NTX29 with 12VDC

Intel? Celeron? Processor J1900 (2M Cache, up to 2.42 GHz) Q4'13
Launch Date Q4'13
Processor Number J1900
# of Cores 4
# of Threads 4
Clock Speed 2 GHz
Burst Frequency 2.41 GHz
L2 Cache 2 MB
Instruction Set 64-bit
Embedded Options Available Yes
Lithography 22 nm
Max TDP 10 W

Bay Trail /J1900
NTX29 VER:1.5
Integrated Intel®J1800/2.00GHz Quad core processor,TDP10W
Based on Intel® Bay trail SOC platform
1*DDR3 SODIMM,Support 1600/1333MHz DDR3L/1.35V Memory,up to 8GB

Integrated Intel®J1800/2.00GHz Quad core processor,TDP10W
Based on Intel® Bay trail SOC platform
1*DDR3 SODIMM,Support 1600/1333MHz DDR3L/1.35V Memory,up to 8GB
Integrated Intel®HD Graphics
Provide 1*VGA,1*HDI,1*LVDS (Support double channel 24BIT)
Supprot VGA;HDI;LVDS Synchronous/asynchronous display
2* RTL8111F Gigabit Ethernet support wake on LAN/PXE
Onboard ALC662 6-channel high fidelity audio controller, support MIC/Line-out,amplifier
Advise 2Ω5W speaker
Expansion Slots
1* Mini-PCIE slot support 3G/WIFI module
1* MSATA slot support SSD/WIFI.SSD transfer rate up to 3Gbps
Rear I/O
1* HDI
1* VGA
2* RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet connector
1* Line out(Green),1* MIC(Violet)
1* COM
1* Power switch
1* 12V DC_JACK power input
Internal I/O
1* LVDS (2*15pin),Support double channel 24BIT LCD display
1* LVDS INVERTER(Screen backlight power supply interface) 1*6pin
1* JVGA1(1*12pin) same signal with DB15
1* RS232 2*5pin
2* USB2.0(2*5pin)
1* PS/2 KB/MS Connector(1*6Pin)
1*Front panel audio connector 2*5pin
1* SIM card socket
1* PWROUT (HDD power supply connector) 1*4pin
1* front panel function buttons and indicator connector 2*5Pin
1* 4pin ATX 12V power input
1* Power amplifier interface(1*4pin)
FAN interface
1*4pin CPU FAN Reserve
Support 4 way input and output GPIO
64Mb Flash ROM
Support hardware reset function (L256, 0~255 seconds)
Power Input
DC_12V single power supply
Operating Temp.
Storage Temp.
5%-95% (relative humidity; non-condensing)
120mm x 120mm

Ording info
NTX29-N2920-D22-NL N2920,1.86G,1*SODDR3L,1*VGA,1*HDM I,no LVDS,2*LAN,4*USB,2*COM,12VDC
NTX29-J1800-D22 J1800,2.41G,1*SODDR3L,1*VGA,1*HDM I,no LVDS,2*LAN,4*USB,2*COM,12VDC
NTX29-J1900-D12-NL J1900,2.00G,1*SODDR3L,1*VGA,1*HDM I,no LVDS,1*LAN,4*USB,2*COM,12VDC
NTX29-J1900-D22-NL J1900,2.00G,1*SODDR3L,1*VGA,1*HDM I,no LVDS,2*LAN,4*USB,2*COM,12VDC
NTX29-J1900-D12 J1900,2.00G,1*SODDR3L,1*VGA,1*HDM I,2ch/24bitLVDS,1*LAN,4*USB,2*COM,12VDC
NTX29-J1900-D22 J1900,2.00G,1*SODDR3L,1*VGA,1*HDM I,2ch/24bitLVDS,2*LAN,4*USB,2*COM,12VDC

Packing Details
Retail Pacakge: 1 Carton contain 16pcs.
Retail Box Size:20*20*7cm Carton Size:56*42*17cm

Full system
Model: S-NTX29 (old model: NQ19ECM)
Size: 134*126*41mm(L*H*W)

Motherboard Model: NTX29(old model J1900NQ)

The nano pc adopts the full aluminum alloy structure, no fan closed body cooling mode, support Intel J1900 Bay trail Intel architecture quad core processor, Bay trail based on SOC platform, CPU integrated chip HDI, VGA group, to provide Interface display output, support for 1080P video playback, support 1 RS232 interface, 4 USB interfaces, which supports
A USB3.0 interface, the 1 group of audio interfaces, 2*RTL8111E Gigabit Ethernet card, supports 256 level watchdog technology, compact structure.
Gather together, it is a small and full HD digital advertising machine applied in digital advertising.

The onboard Intel J1900 Bay trai quad core processor
Intel Bay trail based on SOC platform, CPU integrated chip group
Supports 1333/1066 1*SO-DDRIII memory, the maximum support 8GB
Integrated Intel HD Graphics graphics core, HDM, VGA display output
8111E 2*RTL Gigabit Ethernet chip, support network wake-up /PXE function
1*RS232 serial port, 4*USB interface (which supports 1*USB3.0 interface)

Switch POWER 1*
Cooling system for cooling system without fan
DC power supply (support 12V~19V power input)
Operating temperature -10 ~ 60
Storage temperature -20 ~ 70
Relative humidity of 5% to 95% relative humidity, no condensation
Anti vibration 5 ~ 60HZ, 0.1 Shuangfeng displacement
Case size x mm 134 x 41mm 126mm (length x width x height)

NTX29(J1900NQ) spec:

External I/O
1x power switch
1x HDD led
2x USB 3.0
1x audio I/O
1x SLIM slot
2x USB 2.0

1x DC 12v
1x HDI
1x VGA (D-sub)
2x RJ45
1x audio output
2x wifi ant

Size: 134*126*41mm
Power: 12v3a

Packaging dimension: (L*H*W)

Order Information
S-NTX29-J1900(NQ19ECM),black or sliver gray,J1900/2.0Ghz,SO/DDR3,Intel HD,1*RTL8111E,ALC662,VGA+HDI,4*USB,1*COM,126x134x41mm,12V3A adaptor
S-NTX29-J1800(NQ18ECM),black or sliver gray,J1800/2.4Ghz,SO/DDR3,Intel HD,2*RTL8111E,ALC662,VGA+HDI,4*USB,1*COM,126x134x41mm,12V3A adaptor

Market Segments Supported
Digital Security & Surveillance , Digital Signage ; Gaming ; Industrial Automation/Control ; Medical ; Retail (POS/Kiosk/ATM) ;In-Vehicle Infotainment ;Networking/Storage Server/Mail Server/Print Server ;Thin Client;Net top.

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