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Mini-itx motherboard, dom, ssd, pc chassis and power supply
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Pfsense Firewall 4 LAN Soft Router motherboard Haswell 4th generation CPU I3-4010U,I5-4200U,I7-4500U
Pfsense Firewall 4 LAN Soft Router motherboard Broadwell 5th generation CPU I3-5010U,I5-5200U,I7-5500U

Intel Processor
SE4MF supports 4th generation Haswell CPU I3-4010U,I5-4200U,I7-4500U
SE5MF supports 5th generation Broadwell CPU I3-5010U,I5-5200U,I7-5500U
Haswell-U,Broadwell-U Express Chipset
1*SO-DIMM DDR3L 1333/1600MHz low voltage 1.35V Memory channel
Cooling system
Heat sink(Integrated case cooling,fanless,passive cooling)
Power Supply
DC 12V power supply;Optional 4PIN ATX power supply
Integrated Intel HD Graphics in CPU.
Support single display,dual/triple display copy,dual/triple display expansion,single display under DOS
1*DB15 VGA port supports 2K FHD display
1HDI 1.4 port supports 4K UHD display
1*LVDS pin supports 2K FHD display
Support Realtek8111H Gigabit NIC chip
Optional Intel 211AT 1000Mbps Network card
Support Wake-on-LAN and PXE diskless boot function
Optional 2*LAN,3*LAN,4*LAN ports
Hard Disk
Support maximum transmission speed 6.0Gbps
1*SATA3.0 port;1*MSATA slot
Realtek ALC662 HD Audio;Line-out,Mic-in;Audio pin,Speaker
USB: 2*USB3.0 ports;4*USB2.0 ports;4*USB2.0 pins
Switch: 1*F_PANEL pin;1*Power on pin
Other I/O: RS232/RS422/RS485 6*COM
SIM card slot;GPIO pin
Operating Environment
Operating temperature:-20℃~60℃
Working humidity:5%~95% Relative humidity, no condensation
AMI BIOS;Support power on,timing switch,remote switch,intelligently identify devices.
Watch Dog
Watchdog programming supports hardware reset function(256 levels, 0~255 seconds).
Operating System
Compatible with Win7,Win8.1,Win10,Linux,etc.
Form Factor
Standard 4.0-inch 165*115*31mm(L*W*H)

Order Information
SE4MF-3825U ,3825u,1.9ghz,Haswell 1*SO-DDR3L,2*LAN,1*VGA,1*LVDS,1*HDI,1*SATA3.0,6*USB,6*COM,SIM,GPIO,165x115x31(L*H*W)
SE4MF-4010U i3-4010u,1.7ghz,Haswell 1*SO-DDR3L,2*LAN,1*VGA,1*LVDS,1*HDI,1*SATA3.0,6*USB,6*COM,SIM,GPIO,165x115x31(L*H*W)
SE4MF-4200U i5-4200u,1.6ghz,Haswell 1*SO-DDR3L,2*LAN,1*VGA,1*LVDS,1*HDI,1*SATA3.0,6*USB,6*COM,SIM,GPIO,165x115x31(L*H*W)
SE4MF-4500U i7-4500u,2.0ghz,Haswell 1*SO-DDR3L,2*LAN,1*VGA,1*LVDS,1*HDI,1*SATA3.0,6*USB,6*COM,SIM,GPIO,165x115x31(L*H*W)
SE5MF-5010U i3-5010u,2.0ghz,Broadway 1*SO-DDR3L,2*LAN,1*VGA,1*LVDS,1*HDI,1*SATA3.0,6*USB,6*COM,SIM,GPIO,165x115x31(L*H*W)
SE5MF-5200U i5-5200u,2.2ghz,Broadway 1*SO-DDR3L,2*LAN,1*VGA,1*LVDS,1*HDI,1*SATA3.0,6*USB,6*COM,SIM,GPIO,165x115x31(L*H*W)
SE5MF-5500U i7-5500u,2.4ghz,Broadway 1*SO-DDR3L,2*LAN,1*VGA,1*LVDS,1*HDI,1*SATA3.0,6*USB,6*COM,SIM,GPIO,165x115x31(L*H*W)

Order Information

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