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VIA Nano-ITX Series Board EPIA NL

Features the new VIA Luke CoreFusion processor
VIA PadLock® Security Suite provides high quality entropy from the PadLock Random Number Generator (RNG) for security applications
Onboard VIA VT8237R South Bridge
Comprehensive range of integrated storage, multimedia and connectivity options
Support for VIA Vinyl Six-TRAC 6-channel audio

VIA EPIA NL Nano-ITX Mainboard

The VIA EPIA NL-Series Nano-ITX embedded board is a fully integrated, high efficient mainboard with low profile design and even greater digital media performance for the rapidly emerging new generation of smart digital entertainment devices such as PVRs, set top boxes, media centers and Car PCs, LCD PCs, and thin devices.

Continuing on the success of the highly acclaimed VIA EPIA N-series Nano-ITX embedded board, the new EPIA NL measures a mere 12cm x 12cm and features the new VIA Luke CoreFusion processor, integrating the latest generation VIA Eden®-N processor with the VIA CN400 North Bridge. In addition to the integrated S3 Graphics Chrome® Pro IGP, highlighting a 2D/3D AGP8X graphics core with integrated MPEG-2 decoding and MPEG-4 acceleration for smooth digital video playback, the VIA Luke processor also features support for high bandwidth DDR 333/400 memory, motion compensation and DuoView for the latest multiple format flat panel display devices.

Incorporating the VIA PadLock® Security Suite within the VIA Luke processor, the VIA EPIA NL provides high quality entropy from the PadLock Random Number Generator (RNG) for security applications, such as key generation or hard disk scrubbing, without relying on precious CPU cycles to generate random numbers through software, as well as market-leading AES encryption rates through the PadLock Advanced Cryptography Engine (ACE) for high-speed encryption and decryption. Additionally, the VIA Luke processor employs PowerSaver 3.0 power management technology to help extend battery life for mobile devices based on the VIA EPIA NL Nano-ITX mainboard.

Through the onboard VIA VT8237R South Bridge, the VIA EPIA NL offers a comprehensive range of integrated storage, multimedia and connectivity options, including Serial ATA, UltraDMA IDE, USB 2.0, onboard LAN and V-RAID. The board also includes support for VIA Vinyl Six-TRAC 6-channel audio as well as support for a growing number of LVDS embedded LCD panels, and has a Mini-PCI slot for expandability.

The VIA EPIA NL, along with the VIA EPIA N, include the VIA FliteDeck™ Suite, an advanced system management suite that enables users to effortlessly track and monitor mission critical system data and enable seamless live Windows®-based BIOS updates as well as comprehensive BIOS status information.

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