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Part of the design of the remote control receiver and transmitter encoding is closely related to the infrared signal through the integration of spatial spread of the receiver module after the completion of demodulation, amplification, detection and reduction of plastic for the coded pulse signal to the microprocessor decoder to achieve infrared remote control operation.

Infrared remote control operation of the realization of the vast majority of equipment is the smart device with microprocessor, decoding by the different levels of software to be completed. From a variety of infrared remote control device configuration of the actual situation, several options are as follows:

1, a number of relatively simple functions of special equipment, such as remote control fans, remote control encoders and decoders are used in pairs, and the decoder chip is the device's main chip, the chip-specific chip dedicated exclusively or even strong, simply can not be used for other occasions, the main control chip could no longer be the general programming of the remote control can only accept a fixed encoding. Such remote control equipment is a direct analog of the original equipment remote control code to direct the design, do not need to receive part of the design.

2, a number of relatively simple control functions of equipment, television sets, VCD and so on, generally have a chip to handle man-machine interface, including remote control operation, the operation and status display panel and so on, the program (expressed as a set of chips) developers will normally be given a reference design, responsible for man-machine interface of the chip can do to change the secondary development of procedures to adapt to different remote control codes, control panel, status display style and some special features, in order to achieve a certain degree of personalized design. The use of a large quantity of such products, manufacturers need to specify the encoding of the familiar, but also can use other encoding specified, only need to provide the appropriate specifications can be encoded. However, some chip solution provider to fix the remote control code can not be changed, then the remote control code is only designed to receive parts.

3, to SOC (System On Chip), represented by a number of new products such as set-top boxes, humidifiers, medical instruments, such products is a common feature of product developers in the design of the remote control to operate the program to consider when you are facing the problem of remote control decoder. If the system does not compare with the operating system or a simple compilation of embedded operating system or development, it is possible to use the main chip directly on the remote control to decode encoded signals received code value of what can be done to deal with their own definition. Once the decoding process has been set, the need for the remote control code is identified. However, if the limited resources of the system is not easy to deal with real-time encoding of the remote control signal can be considered universal external decoder chip, which I provided a general-purpose infrared decoder chip, the chip OTP or the use of MASK general form of single-chip, 8PIN, 14PIN or 18PIN (PIN refers to the pin chips) chips have a PIN input signal the output of a PIN, as well as receiving instructions state. Output is TTL-level compatible, idle (no key operation of the output state) is high. As the output of the agreement can be UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter agreement) or I2C, etc., and familiar with one RS232 compatible UART is the most universal, multi-purpose encoding 9600BPS rate, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, parity bit do not (referred to as 9600, n, 8,1 format), is particularly suitable for the same board or between two chips with a chip on-board communication between the close-up.

4, further design platform is quite common and complex operating system with powerful products and standard embedded PC, these products are a common feature of the rich interface and a high degree of standardization of interfaces. Because this type of equipment standards, such as monitors or television sets can display a wealth of information, human-machine interface is relatively much more abundant on the platform itself will not do for the remote control to operate the specialized design. For this reason, the realization of remote control operation will make more use of standard interface to complete, is a typical serial port (RS232 or call COM), IrDA (it is in line with the IrDA standard equipment with each other between the use of infrared data communication , but can also be used to achieve operation of infra-red remote control), PS/2 keyboard and mouse I (collectively, PS/2 interface), USB interface and so on. Increase in such products is required to configure a remote control device dedicated infrared remote control adapter (Remote Control Adapter), adapter infrared signal not only to the completion of the reception and decoding functions, but also will receive the data into the host specified by the agreement, Sometimes these agreements are quite complex, but fortunately the adapter to complete all applications above the operating system do not need to care about these details. From the interface to deal with remote control operation, from the software perspective, there can be divided into several situations:

First, the serial port and IrDA-based, because this type of interface is not specially designed for remote control of, or need to develop drivers, either directly in the application programming interface of the remote control code to read.

Second, PS/2 interface for keyboard and mouse input device, such as specially designed adapter to follow the agreement does not require a driver to prepare another.

Third, USB interface, as its name says, is a universal interface, the application of the keyboard and mouse is one of a kind, as long as according to USB keyboard and USB mouse adapter development agreement, with generic USB keyboard and USB mouse driver for example, also can be achieved HID remote control operation without the need to develop a separate driver.

The following circumstances to make a summary:

The common system with OS

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