Infrared remote control, wireless keyboard with trackball or touchpad
Customized mini pc included industrial pc, htpc and thin client
Mini-itx motherboard, dom, ssd, pc chassis and power supply
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PC Remote Control R4



Specification Notes

Model: R4
Size: 200x60x20
Max Key: 34+mouse
Battery: AAx2

A total of 8

PC remote control, multimedia remote control, KTV remote control, VOD remote control, mouse remote control

remote control R4 white remote control R4 black remote control R4 mouse
remote control R4 side R4+dual ps/2 JM receiver R4+com JH receiver
R4+com JH receiver R4+usb JH receiver R4+dual ps/2 JH receiver
R4+com JH receiver R4+usb JH receiver R4+usb JM receiver

PC remote control, mouse remote control, VOD remote control, presentation remote control(vod_ppt)
PC remote control, KTV remote control, VOD remote control, mouse remote control(hanseng)
PC remote control, multimedia remote control, mouse remote control(gw_black,gw_gray)
PC remote control, video conferencing remote control, mouse remote control(dvision)

Special Recommendation:
VOD remote control, turned into PPT presentation remote control, referred to Anyctrl R4

        Application Notes:<br>
        PC remote control, multimedia remote control, PPT presentation remote 
        control, PowerPoint, Media Player and Real Player hotkey support<br>
        PPT Remote control manual download<br>
        <a href=

Key Specifications/Special Features:
1),size: 200x60x20
2),net weight (w/o battery):
3),maximum keys: 34+mouse
4),battary type: AAx2
5),Operable distance: 7-10m
ideal for audio/video,TV,car,air conditioner,pc and mored more
6),other: mouse support 360degree move, very fast and smooth

Primary Competitive Advantages:
1),High-quality materials to meet the high demand.
2),2 sets of PCB design support fixed encoding and programmable encoding.
3),fixed encoding use SOP package chips, high reliability, Custom code ID can be adjusted.
4),programmable encoding can simulate any known and unknown encoding.
for NEC protocal, Philips RC-5/RC-6, etc.
transmitted carrier frequency: support 30K,33K,36K,37K,38K,40K,56K or other specified frequency.
5),programmable encoding support multiple functions keys, 1-4 different types of devices can be controlled simultaneously.
6),The receiving end can be provided, ic interface, serial (RS232/RS485), ps/2, usb or other specified interface, to meet the requirements of Personal computer or other intelligent equipment.
7),Advanced learning function lets you program any signals you need and make the remote perfect.
8).Macro control function allows you to execute a series of different operations in one touch.
9),Small Orders Accepted, sample delivery in 1-2 working days.

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