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>>Your Current Position: PC Remote Control and Code-based Universal Remote Control


PC Remote Control and Code-based Universal Remote Control

We do ONLY the following remote control product

1),PC remote control: remote control with IR receiver/IR adaptor (special or normal encoding, the user do not care about the specific coding format);
Please check: Remote Receiver or Infrared Receiver for PC

2),Code-based universal remote control: one pcb, one IR encoding IC, produces any IR encoding at any carrier frequency. it can replace any existing remote control or design 2-in-1 multifunctional remote control for example TV/STB comb remote control.
Please check: Customized Infrared Remote Control

PART ONE: Customized Infrared Remote control

According to the infrared encode chip to distinguish, the remote control can be roughly divided into the following three categories:
Our company do mainly the OTP(Code-based) remote control for complex and flexible features and fast delivery.

1),Standard infrared encoding chip:
such as philips SAA3010(RC5 format), NEC uPD6121/622(nec format) as orginal chip and many compatible chip.
package: bonding or dip or smt.
change pcb layout wire to define ever key value, an external diode or resistance to change customer code.
By choosing different coding chip, design different layout to define each key value.
Application: low cost such as the TV remote control and the AV remote control.

2),Pre programmed mask rom chip: usuall for mutli function universal remote control, included fix coded universal remote control and learning univerisal remote control.
package: bonding or dip or smt
Using Maskrom MCU to design to store encoded signal via the waveform capture, this process is called learning.Usually by the end user to complete, store a key need hundreds of bytes memory space.
The data maybe error and not standard, does not support code hopping, a key 2 or more codes.

3),OTP (one time programing) MCU or Flash MCU chip: using mcu (microcontrols) to encoding according to the customer's requirments.
package: dip or smt
modify different program,firmware to simulate arbitrary standards known coding format, such as RC5 or NEC protocal.also can produce new unknown coding protocol if necessory.
Application: the production of various kinds of known function remote control alternatives such as projector remote control, multi-function remote control such as hotel VOD/STB combo control, multi user remote control, the remote computer mouse simulation, code confidential remote control.
The cost is relatively high, suitable for every production of 100 to 2000 orders.
Code is stored for each remote control button only needs 4 bytes, support for EEPROM such as 24C02.
The infrared ray code emitted very accurate and stable

Remote Receiver or Infrared Receiver for PC

We can provide infrared receiver (infrared sensor) for the pc, usually have the following forms:

1),PS/2 receiver: included PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse,standard ps/2 device, no drivers.

2),RS232 reciever: RS232 level,serial port, connected the computer com (rs232) port directly,Need drivers or provide API (application program interface)
3),USB receiver: USB keyboard and mouse standard device, no drivers when it been used as a the HID device.
4),Internal receiver module: TTL level, compatible with RS232 standard, need drivers or provide API (application program interface), CIR, I2C or other interface..
5),Specially designed pc or pc-like equipment, motherboards provide onboard infrared sensors, so we need not install the infrared receiver.

PART THREE:We can custom all types remote control including plastic case mould, PCB design and firmware development.We're standing inventory on the following types of products.



















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